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Video by Bethany Swain

My son has been taking swim lessons with Miss Annabel since he was under a year. He is now 6 years-old and a very confident swimmer and loves being on a local swim team. Annabel has wonderful way of understanding each child’s strengths and weaknesses and supporting them accordingly. She makes the lessons fun and productive.
-Kelly H.

Annabel is an amazing swim teacher. Her classes are very well thought out; she knows how to make it fun for the kids while challenging them and bringing them to the next level – and the kids love her! She is also very personable and flexible and will work with you if you have any concerns. Our girls have been taking swim classes with her since they were babies and they are now amazing swimmers (4 and 5 years old). We highly
recommend her.
-Coralie L.

My twin girls started lessons with Annabel a couple of years ago after first trying another local teacher that they had a bad experience with, unfortunately. One of my daughters was actually afraid of the water as a result. Annabel proved to be an amazing teacher and both of my girls love her and love the water now! She is patient, kind, and really tries to accommodate families and their crazy schedules!! Our family loves her!!!
-Monica K.

After working with multiple different swimming educators, we finally found Annabel and Safety First Swimming. She worked so hard and was so kind and patient yet firm with my very anxious daughter. She worked with both of us to find what worked for my daughter given her special needs. After just a few lessons, Annabel had her doing what none of the others had achieved in over a year… SWIMMING! I can’t express how grateful I am!
-Rhiannon C.

Video by Bethany Swain

My daughter started in a small group lesson with Annabel when she was just over 2 years old.  Annabel’s approach to the lessons is very clear and structured which has worked well with my daughter in that she knows what to expect and the consistent and repetitive lessons are a proven way for children to learn. My daughter & me lessons at home and practices in the bathtub… all with the same motions and wording that Annabel uses. The approach of safety first followed by fun and skill building mirrors my desire in how I want my daughter to learn about the water and safety. It was a relief to be able to go to a pool party this summer when my daughter was 3 and to know that she was confident and safe around the pool. I am so glad we found Annabel – she has given my daughter the foundation for a life long love of the water and most importantly, she will always be safe which is the priority.  Thanks Annabel!
-Jennifer C.

Annabel taught both of my kids to swim at 2 years old. She patiently worked with my son who initially cried and refused to get into the water. A month into lessons, he was jumping into the pool, going underwater and popping up on his own. By the end of the summer, he was swimming completely independently, without floats. It is clear that Annabel enjoys working with all kinds of kids, no matter what age or experience level. She uses toys and games very effectively to make learning to swim as comfortable as possible for everyone!
-Loni S.

Your gentle but firm approach was exactly what Gavin needed to overcome his fears at his speed – you quickly became a common name in our house even a Lego figure!
-Leslie B.

Kate progressed so quickly & developed confidence she had never shown in the water before passing the swim test was probably the highlight of her summer!
-Gretchen M.

I want to thank you for all you taught Noah. You taught him such a valuable skill – you are definitely the best at what you do!
-Marilyn W.