Kids Lessons

Baby Beginners (class size limited to 5)
Special beginners class for two year old’s ready to leave the Mommy/Daddy & Me setting, but not yet swimming without flotation. Fun-filled toddler’s class introducing/reinforcing very basic swim & safety skills (Parents are not in the water).

Beginning Swimmers (class size limited to 5)
For individuals with little or no swimming experience; or with fear or discomfort of putting face in the water. This class focuses on building both confidence and excitement while introducing early swim and safety skills.

Early Swimmers (class size limited to 5)
For children able to swim at least 5 yards independently with face in the water. Children will develop Freestyle and Backstroke skills while building endurance and gaining confidence.

Mommy or Daddy and Me! (class size limited to 8)
Designed to create comfort and safe water practices from the start. This loosely structured class will introduce early swim skills in an atmosphere of fun, games song and play.

Gifted and Talented Two’s (class size limited to 3)
Class designed for two-year-old’s (or early three’s) able to float or swim at least a few feet with their faces in the water. Class size limited to three.

Stroke Development (class size limited to 5)
For children able to swim some form of Freestyle independently for at least 15 yards. Skill work will include Freestyle and Backstroke refinement, introduction to Breaststroke and continued practice in safety skills.

Advanced Stroke Development (class size limited to 5)
Designed for children comfortable with the mechanics of the freestyle, breast & back strokes. This class will further refine those strokes & build endurance.

This class will not be held Winter/Spring 2020

Semi-private instruction caters to families, or small groups with similar levels of proficiency. Scheduled on request during reserved pool times.

Private/Semi-Private Rates
30 Minutes $ 60.00
Semi-private additional $15/child for more than 1 child, all time periods.

Video by Bethany Swain